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This is me about our souls-author Gulsifat Shahkidi and editor Vera Deynichenko, who became inseparable in the creative community. This time I am very happy to present a new book by my friend – a popular science essay about the genius of poetic translation V. A. Zhukovsky called "my eyes are directed to the East". For me, this title has a special meaning: for almost a quarter of a century I have been a refugee from Tajikistan and live in Russia, but my Russian soul still sounds Eastern motifs, rhythms and rhymes. It all started in Dushanbe, where fate brought me together with Gulsifat-Guley in a youth newspaper. Then my friend went into science. She was seriously engaged in comparative literature. I became interested in theater, music, and movies. With a sinking heart, I watched the banner films of the Tajikfilm Studio – "the Tale of Rustam", "Rustam and Suhrob", "the Tale of Siyavush" – an adaptation of poems from the great Firdousi's "Shahnameh". I admired the magnificent actors and the grandiosity of the production.

My eyes are casted on the East

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