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Gulsifat Gafforovna Shakhidi was born on the 1st of January 1955 in the family of economists Gaffor and Masroura Sattarov’s. A graduate of Tajik State University Department of Journalism; a medalist, Lenin grant-aided student, candidate of philological sciences. Based on the books by Gulsifat Shakhidi, poetry and creative evenings were organized all around the world: in London, Moscow, Dushanbe, Tel Aviv, New York, Washington, Nur-Sultan, Minsk, Brussels, Stockholm, Kaliningrad, Suvorov and in other cities. Gulsifat Shakhidi is a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild. She currently lives and works in Moscow and London. She is married to the famous Tajik composer Tolibkhon Ziyadullaevich Shakhidi (born in 1946) with whom she had three sons, the eldest of them is the producer Tabriz Shakhidi.


Upon successful graduation (diploma with honors) she began her artistic career in Dushanbe city where she worked as a correspondent of the Youth Republican Newspaper. Then she entered research degree and defended her dissertation on Russian-Tajik literary connections in 20th and 30th years of the last century. Based on her dissertation she wrote popular science essay. After completing her research degree, she worked as a Head of simultaneous interpreting group of Parliament of Tajikistan. After a couple of years, she worked in Moscow and Dushanbe as an editor and then as the head of radio and TV of Tajik branch of the Interstate TV and Radio Company “Mir”. She produced several radio and TV programs, footages and music videos. Later she began her literary career. She wrote eleven books that were translated and published in the four languages (English, Russian, Tajik, Persian). She also wrote a wide range of articles, reviews and opinions.

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